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Genuine Volvo Motor Oil Fully Synthetic 1-liter. Available 0W-30
This fully synthetic engine oil is the only oil to be used in
engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service intervals. The
oil has excellent high and low temperature properties. It also
has excellent winter properties, which facilitates cold starts
and reduces fuel consumption.
Recommended for the following engines:
• All engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service interval
• D5244NED - all operating conditions
• Diesel engine D4192 under alpine and mountainous driving
and which frequently tows trailer and caravan.
• All gasoline engines from 850 and onwards that are driven
under alpine/mountainous conditions and that frequently tow
trailer or camper.
Regular Price: $30.58
Our Price: $20.99 

Volvo Roadside Emergency Kit -20+ Pieces. Before prepared for almost anything. Includes Volvo Ironmark Logo on bag, flashlight and manual.
Color: Royal Blue Material: Nylon Size: 11" X 7"

Kit Includes:
1- Jumper Cables (High Quality 250 Amp)
1- Roadside Safety Triangle
1- FlashLight (w/Volvo logo)
1- Tire Pressure Gauge
1- Rain Pancho
1- Work Gloves (pair)
1- Blanket
1- Banner (Call Police)
1- Auto Emergency Guide
2- Antibacterial Wipes
1- Pencil
4- Bandage Strips
1- First Aid Quick Guide Card
2- Alcohol Pads
3- Antiseptic Wipes
1- Carry Bag
Price: $59.99 

Volvo Transmission Fluid is a synthetic blend unique to Volvo vehicles only. It is vital that you never use any transmission fluid other than Genuine Volvo transmission fluid because non-Volvo fluid can and will cause a light to come on in the dash and it can do irreversible damage. This fluid is sold in 1-liter and 4-liter bottles. If you are doing a drain and fill you usually need 4-6 liters. If you are flushing the transmission then you usually need 8-12 liters.

Application: Always provide your VIN# when ordering this fluid as it is vital that you get the correct fluid.

Volvo C30 All
Volvo C70 2006-Up
Volvo S40 2004.5-Up
Volvo S60 2001-2009
Volvo S80 1999-Up
Volvo V50 All
Volvo V70 2001-Up
Volvo XC60 All
Volvo XC70 2001-Up
Volvo XC90 2003-2015
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Our Price: $16.99 

Upgrade your 2003-2006 Volvo XC90 with LED Tailights! The 2003-2006 models require replacement of upper and lower tail lights. Trust me we tried, you have to get all four lights. This kit includes both upper & lower, left and right tail lights, plus harnesses and a resistor kit you will need. Parts are Genuine Volvo and bolt right on with no modifications. The resistor kit is needed because the ohm or wattage is different on the led lights and this causes the bulb failure light to come on. The resistor kit fixes that problem.
Regular Price: $899.95
Our Price: $639.95 

Facts and Advantages

  • The aerodynamic aluminum design and black rubber that matches our other load carriers.

  • A further refinement of our traditional ski carrier

  • Practical push-button opening

  • Wide rubber profiles protect the skis and provide room for ski bags too

  • Suitable for all types of skis and snowboards

  • Can be pulled out 600 mm (23.6 in) laterally

  • Dual locking function which locks both the skis and ski carrier onto the load carrier

  • Complete kit for:

    – Square profile

    – Aluminum profile

  • "One Key System" can be installed if you want the same key for the load carrier and the ski carrier, see  Lock kit One key system

Technical data

Accessory weight:

4.8 kg (11 lbs)

Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mph)

Regular Price: $185.85
Our Price: $159.83 


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