Parts terminology left=drivers side
Warranty is 12 months/unlimited mileage
Left Hand Drive Parts only
Provide VIN# during checkout to ensure accuracy and color

Important Information about keys and remotes:

We can usually save you $25.00 to $50.00 per key and $45.00 to $100.00 per remote compared to dealerships. But , you need to read the information below and check with your local shop or dealership to make sure they will program it for you before ordering. The keys and remotes we sell are Genuine Volvo. All Volvo parts have a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty and any Volvo dealership nationwide can provide you a replacement part.

  • Software:
    All Volvo models 1999-Up require a software download before the key will start the vehicle. We cannot provide this service because the car must be present when programming is done. Dealers vary but the average rate is 1 hour plus software download from Volvo equals $140.00. Remotes require software download also.
  • Key Descriptions:
    A cut  key means the key comes already cut to fit your vehicle. A cut key will unlock the car and turn the ignition but software is require to start the vehicle.
    A blank  key is a key that is for your vehicle but you will need to take the key to a locksmith or dealer who can cut the key by tracing your old key or cutting the key by code.
    A master  key fits everything on the car including doors, ignition, glove box and trunk except older 1993 and down cars.
    A valet  key is meant to open the door and start the car but cannot open the glove box or trunk.
  • Limitations: keys and remotes are not returnable. Volvo does not allow us to accept returns on keys or remotes because many of them cannot be reused. We cut your key based upon your VIN# which identifys your key code. If your car has ever had a change of locks the key we send will not work. Exceptions: if we send you the wrong key we will accept it back but we require the part number on the key we sent you so we can verify application error.
  • Remotes:  Very Important! Keep the package material your remote comes in (especially plastic bags) because a lot of remotes require a special code that is written on the package. If you misplace the bag that has the code the remote is worthless and we cannot get the code.











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